Come visit our booth @ Bang Tech Twelves 27th Anniversary Party May 26th | Bookies Bar |

We will have a booth setup for this event selling our clothing brand. I was around in the 90's when Bang Tech Twelve was developed. I was fortunate to see Bill Seoul's first performance @ Motor Lounge. I waited for him when he was leaving to book him, Michelle "Punisher", and Mark that had done the lighting that night with this crazy powerful laser that I had never seen before for my first party..

I spent many nights with either himself or the late and missed DJ Eclipse "Greg Montgomery" at the Eastown Theatre when Tony from Technology leased it. There are many DJ's performing this night that have been around since the first or second wave of the party scene from the 90's. Personally I believe that this is the perfect event to kick off Movement weekend.

*** This is a free event and will fill up fast.


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